Are you a shelter?

No, The Women’s Center does not provide shelter or housing for women and children. Referrals will be made to anyone who needs emergency or temporary housing by calling our Helpline at 817-927-4000.

Do you serve women only?

No, The Women’s Center serves women, men, girls and boys in our Rape Crisis and Victim Services program and in our General Counseling program. We serve women and men in our Employment Solutions program.

Can you give out medicine?

No, our therapists cannot prescribe medications.

What does it cost to go to The Women’s Center?

  • Rape Crisis and Victim Services (including counseling) – all programs are free
  • Violence Prevention and Education – all programs are free
  • Employment Solutions – all programs are free
  •         General Counseling – services are charged on a reduced-fee schedule, depending on the person’s
             financial situation. Insurance, Medicaid and Medicare are also taken in General Counseling.
  • Legal Clinic – free

Can I participate in the Employment program, even though I am not abused?

Yes, Employment Solutions is open to women and men seeking employment.

Are you part of a national organization?

No, The Women’s Center of Tarrant County is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization.

What if I’m not sure you can help me?

Please call our Information and Referral Helpline at 817-927-4000. If we don’t have the resources for your situation, we can refer you to another non-profit organization or service provider that can help you.

I need to have an Internship for my Masters degree in counseling. How can I apply with you?

There are a variety of opportunities to intern at The Women’s Center. There is a thorough selection process with all of our interns and The Women’s Center is limited to the number of interns we can accept per semester. Please contact us as soon as possible if interested. Call 817-927-4006 or email volunteer@womenscentertc.org for more information and availability.