Bubba Schafer Golf Tournament

Saturday, September 20, 2014
8:00 a.m. Tee Off

Tierra Verde Golf Club in Arlington, TX

In 2002 Bubba Schafer became a hero when he was awakened one night by his neighbor saying someone was outside her window. Ignoring his own well-being, Bubba confronted the man. Even though he was struck several times, he refused to release his hold on the prowler. Later Bubba discovered that he had captured the man responsible for terrorizing and raping women for at least six years.   Not only did he save his neighbor from this horrendous crime, but he also saved subsequent victims from this serial rapist. 

Bubba and his wife Michelle wanted to give back to the community that made him anBubba and Michele 2013 instant celebrity by helping women who were victims of sexual assault.  So they created the Bubba Schafer Golf Tournament to benefit The Women’s Center’s Rape Crisis and Victim Services program.   

The tournaments have been held annually since 2002, and have grown and prospered each year.   Bubba and Michelle’s passion for The Women’s Center have spread to their daughter, son-in-law and their grandchildren along with their friends, neighbors and co-workers who all work hard to make this event the success it is, through sponsorships, players, auction and raffle prizes. 

Because of that one night long ago when Bubba answered his phone, the community is a better place and so is The Women’s Center.  Thank you Bubba and Michelle.

Information on the 2014 Bubba Schafer Golf Tournament is available here.

Or you can register online/make a donation here.